Generator 500kVA - Technical File

Generator 500kVA

Alternator: Leroy Somer
Motor: Volvo



Primary capacity in kVA. (400V cos.phi 0.8): 500 Standby power in kVA. (400V cos.phi 0.8): 550 Variable power at 50 Hz: 230/400 Variable power at 60 Hz: 254/440

Dimensions and weights

Overall Length (mm): 4800 Overall width (mm): 1550 Overall height (mm): 2287 Weight with empty fuel tank (kg): 5380 Weight with full fuel tank (kg): 6252


Content internal double-walled fuel tank (liters): 905 Fuel consumption per hour at full load (liter): 97,4 Maximum number of operating hours at full load with full internal fuel tank (hours): 9,3 3-way fuel crane (switch internal / external tank): Std


generator excitation type (special AREP wrapped alternator): PMG Insulation class: H Digital control: QC4002 – AGC4 Voltage regulator (no load to full load): +/- 2,5% / 0,5% Inverter: Electronic Nature Electronic Security: Adjustable

Safety and Environment

Sound level at 7 meters (-dB (A)): 74 Internal double-walled fuel tank: Std Min.100% fluid containment (complete Insulation against environment): Std TA-Luft conform (completely complies with European safety): Std CE compliant (fully compliant with European safety): Std

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