Handling – storage – treatment

Double skinned containerized fuel tanks:

Fuel tank 25.000L

Fuel transfer pumps

Fuel separators Diesel purifier:

GEA Westfalia centrifugal separator 2 x 5200 l/hr - redundant

Available in 50Hz and 60Hz



3.3MVA 6.6MVA
KNAF Multi Tap Transformers: 5,5kV tot 36kV / 50Hz-60Hz


The switch container

  • 20” ISO HV container
  • 4 x motorized 630Amp circuit breaker (CB) as input
  • 4 CB come to a common busbar where two
    1250Amp motorized CB are installed as output


Remote control panel

  • 4 remote displays
  • Start-stop machines
  • Alter settings
  • Close & open circuit breaker


Power Cables

Low Voltage Cables High Voltage Cables

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