Realisations: Locations of power projects

powersolutions locations


South America

  • Power Plants from 5MW up to 20MW powering local grids & harbors crossed all over South-America



  • Powering local cement productions, the local grid & events from 4MW up to 30MW spread across the continent



  • Power Plants from 1MW up to 20MW powering manufacturing, utilities, emergency supplies, the local grid, and events. This can go from The Netherlands to Greece and further.  



  • Being active worldwide leads to the most various and spread power plants. Outside the above regions we've been active in Panama, Bahamas, Kazakhstan, Russia and more for projects up to 30MW!

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België / Belgique

powersolutions country belgium powersolutions projecten in België powersolutions projets en Belgique


powersolutions country france powersolutions projets en France


powersolutions country international powersolutions international projects powersolutions proyectos internacionales

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