Temporary or additional electricity – for all occasions

Power supplies need to be flawless and reliable  – even for temporary or additional power. Nevertheless, it is something that requires additional focus and manpower: in terms of logistics, in terms of the installation of the generators and subsequent maintenance. We see every power project as a challenge we gladly take on! Our expertise and extensive experience in the industry mean we're happy to provide you with our generators however and wherever you like, allowing you to concentrate on the things that really matter to your business.


Carefree power

You're looking for a temporary power solution. We can provide that solution. Anytime. All it takes is one phone call and we do the rest. That's our rule of thumb. But the rest might entail more than you'd suspect. First and foremost we work out an optimal solution for your power project in advance, to ensure your company's project is successfully concluded. Transportation of the generator is secondary – and we'll get it done without you having to give it a second's thought. Come rain or snow or sleet – it's all the same to us. We'll supply and deliver our generators all around the globe, no matter the destination. However impossible or unlikely the location. Even up a tree if you that's where you need our generator! Our engineers will gladly handle every aspect of getting your generators set up and operational. After all, we need your power project to run faultlessly  – at all times. Once your project has been completed, we'll disassemble your generator and have our equipment out of your way before you know it.


Maintenance included, round the clock support

Generator maintenance during normal business hours is automatically included, meaning that you'll never have to contact us for that specific reason. We calculate our maintenance visits based on the number of operational hours of your generator(s). And we keep a very close eye on each of our customers' needs. In addition, daytime maintenance is always included in our quoted price.

Our support services are available 24/7, ready to assist in any emergency. At Power Solutions we work in shifts allowing for round the clock support. Either we'll guide you to a solution on the phone or one of our engineers will come on site. If necessary we'll supply you with a new or additional generator, which will take place when best suited to you. But no matter the situation – we'll always find a solution. And any additional paperwork resulting from such an unforeseen service intervention can be dealt with later. Your needs come first.




Quality and the environment go hand-in-hand


The generators you rent from us are top quality, reliable and robust. In other words, they're pretty resilient. They'll be able to withstand countless hours at the mercy of the elements without you having to give them a second's thought.

All our generators all use top-quality fuel, which means far less maintenance is required and means our products are more economical and more environmentally friendly. This works to your advantage as much as it does to that of the environment.

Naturally all our generators meet the stringent requirements of the TA Luft regulation on air pollution. In addition, Power Solutions Belgium has been VCA certified for many years regarding the company's safety management system. This means that all our facilities as well as our generators meet all VCA safety standards. And that's not all – all our employees are VCA-certified and up to date on the safety standards relevant to your power solutions.




About Power Solutions

Power Solutions was founded in 2006 by three experts in the field of power generators who decided to take a leap and start a company together. Ever since then, business has been booming. With expertise and experience being a given, contracts rolled in soon after. At present, Power Solutions is one of the leading players on the generator market, with the company leading the market outright in Belgium.

Our key strength? Our committed and driven employees, who make up a tight-knit team of experts. So you'll never have to wait to get an answer to a query: there will always be an expert around to help. Our small size makes us highly versatile and flexible as a company. Administrative hold-ups are not in our vocabulary. Working with a small team means planning takes far less time, which is why we'll be ready to implement your power project even before you've properly gotten us involved.


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